Keeping aircrafts connected – from taxiway to landing

You know where you’re going, and how long you’ll be in the air, but being off ground doesn’t mean being offline.

Whether in the air, or on the ground, never be out of touch again. Cellhire satellite communications provide highly reliable and unwavering global connectivity for a whole aircraft; from safety procedures for crew, weather and flight-plans in the cockpit, or discretionary entertainment in the cabin.

Across the globe, there are over 100,000 scheduled flights every day, with an increasing number of crew and passengers expecting to be online, even in the air. With the increased demand for highly reliable on-board voice and data connectivity, make sure you can provide your crew and passengers the best with satellite solutions.


Cellhire can provide aviation satellite solutions to aircraft operators wanting to keep their onboard crew and passengers connected. On-board satellite communications such as WiFi routers, will provide users with reliable access to email, SMS, data and smartphone-enabled air-to-ground telephony from any sky, regardless of location or flight path.

Satellite solutions will also facilitate in the automatic reporting of an air vessels real-time location to those on the ground, including speed, direction, route and altitude. This information aids in the safe and efficient journey or the aircraft to its destination. In turn, satellite solutions enable two-way communication to the ground to aid in air traffic and in case of emergency planning.


Being able to connect and communicate while in-flight can help prevent and help in worst case scenarios. In an emergency, communication is key, especially through remote locations. Therefore, the ability to have reliable communications with ground-based controllers at all times, on all major oceanic routes, is an important safety feature. Always be prepared for any situation, and be able to contact the ground with high-performing satellite devices.

Use Cellhire satellite solutions for cost-effective aviation communication including:

  • Highly competitive voice/data plans
  • Continuous and highly reliable global coverage - on the ground and in the air
  • Low-cost communications to ground
  • Access to applications for social media and operational services
  • A choice of rugged and compact, SOS-enabled devices providing a crucial link to shore and peace of mind.
  • Small and compact equipment, perfect for an easy installation