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Inmarsat IsatPhone Pro 2 - How-to Guides

The Inmarsat IsatPhone Pro 2 is a robust, rugged satellite phone that can make and receive calls or texts in remote locations while surviving anything nature can throw at it.

Here’s how to use the device so you can stay connected wherever you are, whatever the conditions.

To switch the device on, hold down the red key for a few seconds until the screen turns on. The Inmarsat logo will appear, followed by the main screen.

To switch the device off, press and hold the same red key for a few seconds until the screen shuts down.

Once your phone is switched on, stand outside with a clear view of the sky with the phone antenna pointing upwards. There must be a clear line of sight between the antenna and the satellite, and the more sky you can see the stronger the signal will be. If your view is 70% open sky, the signal should be strong.

Searching satellite will come onto the screen, and when your phone is connected to the network the screen will display Ready for service. The top left of the screen will display Inmarsat.

Once your phone is connected to the network, you will need at least two bars of signal and have obtained a GPS fix to make and receive calls. Your phone will obtain a GPS fix automatically and when it has, the GPS fix required icon will disappear.

To make a call, simply dial the full international number and press the green key.

You can also make a call from your saved contacts by selecting Menu > Contacts > Phonebook and scrolling to the desired name. To end the call, press the red key.

To receive a call, your antenna must be extended and your phone must be connected to the network. Press the green key to accept the call, or the red key to reject.

To create a new message

  1. Select Menu > Messaging > New Message with your phone connected to the network
  2. Use the keypad to type your message, repeatedly pressing a number key until the desired character appears
  3. If the recipient’s details are already stored in your contacts, select Options > Add recipient and select the name from the list
  4. You can also enter their full international number into the To: line

Messages can be received when the antenna is deployed and your phone is connected to the network. If your phone is switched off when the message is received, the message is stored by the network until your phone is on and connected to the network again.