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CellhireConnect secure mobile data creates a second secure network for manufacturers running applications that, for security reasons, should be kept separate from their primary networks.


A heavy equipment manufacturing company has a lab being outfitted to include video monitoring and remote access to lab testing equipment. The challenge was that the IT department did not want the traffic for this application to compromise the security or performance of the company’s main network infrastructure. Having a second, separate network would also provide an additional benefit of allowing the team to provide partners access to this new network without allowing the partners access to the corporate network infrastructure.


The client was interested in having two options for secure internet. The first was a high-speed wireless network available in the physical lab, and the second was a portable option for technicians to use in the field. The lab-based solution was addressed using one of Cellhire’s three US network mobile partners who provide 4G/5G service in the area. The mobile SIM cards have been installed in a GSM router with standard 120V AC power and five antennas - two antennas to connect to the mobile network and three to broadcast the signal throughout the lab. For the field technicians, Cellhire provided mobile hotspots with high-capacity batteries. This configuration allows the field technician to access high-speed wireless networks throughout the US without the need to charge the device in the field. For technicians operating in more remote locations, Cellhire has provided in-car and solar battery chargers.


Because this is not a fixed base solution, Cellhire was able to deliver these solutions to the client in 48 hours and have them up and running in a very short period of time. By monitoring the monthly data usage, Cellhire has worked with the client to increase the data bundles to larger monthly plans in locations where traffic was heavy and decrease the bundle sizes in locations with less activity. Based on forecasts for these facilities, Cellhire has also allowed the customer to be proactive by increasing plans for upcoming seasonal increases in traffic. These devices have provided the customer the flexibility that was not available with their long-term carrier agreements.

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