Keeping Ships Connected, Efficient and Safe at Sea

Over 70 percent of the earth’s surface consists of ocean, and with some marine activity running across these waters 24/7, satellite communications play a vital role in keeping vessels connected as well as prepared in case of emergency.

Being at sea means being away from your traditional cellular networks, and as such, away from those on-shore. Whether on an expedition, a fishing adventure or on a leisure cruise, ensure you are connected wherever the sea takes you.


Navigate the most dangerous and unpredictable waters with contingency solutions, while constantly ensuring reliable communications and the safety and productivity of those onboard.

Open waters inevitably involve a certain amount of unpredictability, and being out of range from traditional cellular networks will mean satellite solutions prove a lifeline when on the open water. Whether you encounter volatile waters or are at the heart of a storm, satellite communications will ensure you are able to call out for help.

Leisure Trips

Being at sea for prolonged periods of time can make you long for home. Don’t miss out on contacting those you want to hear from the most. Wherever you are on the planet, share your adventures and exchange messages with loved ones with SMS, voice calling and even social media updates.

Cellhire proudly supports the maritime sector, including superyachts, military and shipping fleets with state of the art satellite solutions to keep crews and passengers continuously connected. A ship in distress needs the reassurance of a dependable communications system — especially when travelling outside the limits of traditional maritime communications.

Use Cellhire satellite solutions for cost-effective communication including:

  • Highly competitive voice/data plans
  • Continuous global coverage
  • Flexible airtime plans – perfect for ideal seasonal use
  • Low-cost communications to land
  • Low-cost access to critical data, such as weather information, including water temperature, wind speed and local forecasts
  • Access to applications for social media and marina services
  • A choice of rugged and compact, SOS-enabled devices providing a crucial link to shore and peace of mind.