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Lost And Stolen Equipment

Report a lost or stolen phone, data device or SIM

In the event the equipment is lost or stolen

Subscriber must notify Cellhire Technical Support immediately via email at support@cellhire.com or phone at +1 214 355 5200 and follow the prompts.

To ensure we handle your request promptly be sure to include the following information:

  • Name
  • RA number (found on your confirmation email or RA agreement enclosed in your pack)
  • Cellhire phone number (found on your RA agreement or on the instructions enclosed in your pack)
  • Phone number we can reach you at now
  • Email address that is available to you now
  • Do you require a replacement? If so, where should we send your replacement?

When you talk to support or once your email or voicemail has been received, you will be given a reference number for you to keep. Cellhire will then forward the information immediately to the provider/carrier you are subscribed to. The subscriber is responsible for all Usage Charges incurred on the Equipment up to the time that the provider/carrier contracted by Cellhire to provide the Service disables the Equipment. Please be aware that depending on the country and the network you are using, this request can take from 5 minutes up to 48 hours to complete.