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Operating Instructions

Quick Start and Voicemail Instructions for all devices and solutions

Cellhire Quick Start Instructions were included in your pack. For your convenience, these can also be downloaded here.

BlackBerry 8310 Download
BlackBerry 8900 International Download
BlackBerry 8900 US Download
Motorola Razr Download
Motorola V860 Download
Motorola V186 Download
Motorola V750 Download
Motorola 835 Download
Nokia 1110 and 1112 Download
Nokia 1208 and 1209 Download
Nokia 3109 and 3110 Download
Nokia 3120 Download
Nokia 6021 Download
Nokia 6100 Download
Nokia 6220 Download
Nokia 6233 Download
Nokia 6280 Download
Nokia 6680 Download
Nokia E51 Download
Nokia E60 Download
Samsung x9850 Download
ISat Pro Download
ISat Phone 2 Download
Iridium 9505 Download
Iridium 9555 Download
Verizon Satellite Download
Nokia CS-10 Download
Nokia CS-10 (Mac) Download
Novatel MiFi Download
Verizon MiFi Download
Changing your SIM Card (multiple destination and SIMSmart customers)
Nokia 3109 SIM Download
Nokia 6021 SIM Download
Nokia 6100 SIM Download
Voicemail Retrieval - Coming Soon
Currently these are included in your Cellhire Rental Pack.
Value Added Services
DataManager - Control Your Data Usage and Spend with this simple tool! Download
FollowMe - Learn how to take your number with you. Download
SIMSmart - Using SIM only solutions. Download
Country Codes Download