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Verizon push-to-talk phone rental

Verizon push-to-talk phone rental

In the wake of Nextel taking down their iDEN network Verizon has emerged as the front-runner in the Push-to-Talk space. They offer PTT technology on their existing network which means you receive high quality service across the nation’s largest CDMA network.

This is a Push-to-Talk solution and includes unlimited Push-to-Talk minutes. Cellular voice minutes are charged on a per minute basis, text messages messages are charged per message for incoming and outgoing texts. International dialing is not available with this solution. Should you require any additional programming features please complete and submit the programming sheet available to download here.


  • Two-way radio feature for group rentals
  • All two-way radio (PTT) calls are free and unlimited
  • Complete accessory pack
  • Delivery in advance of your trip including a pre-paid return pack
  • Fully tested with Global Support seven days a week
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  • Convenient - No need to constantly top-up – just pay for what you use.
  • Reassurance - Cell phones fully tested and guaranteed to work.
  • No Fuss - Rent a cell phone. Don’t struggle trying to set your own up for roaming.
  • Low Cost - Best call rates to the US – prepaid SIMs are often expensive.
  • Peace of Mind - Hassle-free replacement should anything go wrong.
  • Ready to Roll - Travel phones come fully charged with SIMs installed all ready for use.
  • Backup - Support provided seven days a week worldwide.
  • Hassle Free - Cellhire cell phones and SIM cards just work, so you can enjoy your trip.
  • Spread the cost - Only pay for your calls when you return, not before you leave.