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Travel phones for US & Canadian citizens

USA SIM cards, USA phones & USA data

US Smartphone rental

Whether you are traveling to a single state or throughout the USA, Cellhire offers 1 phone with 1 phone number for use in all 50 states. Call overseas from only $0.59 per minute!

Only $2.99 /day
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Verizon push-to-talk phone rental

Rent from the new leader in Push-to-Talk technology: the speed you want combined with the best coverage in the country.

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Sprint push-to-talk phone rental

Rent a Push-to-Talk device on the Sprint network and enjoy the same nationwide coverage you've come to expect from Sprint. Order Now

US SIM card

SIM card with local US airtime and discounted calls - now you can call overseas from only $0.59 per minute!

Only $1.99 /day
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Connect all of your devices to the internet in the USA with a data SIM and MiFi. This solution includes a 6GB data bundle and a 4G MiFi device for unrivalled speed.

$80.00 /30 days
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