Data SIM FAQs.

Do I need to register or to activate my prepaid SIM?

No registration or activation is required with this SIM. Simply purchase a data bundle of your choice on this portal, insert the SIM into your device, then change the APN settings on your device to start using the Internet. Please note: you must change the APN settings on your device in order for our sim card to work properly.

Device unlocking

Please make sure your device is not locked to your current cellular provider. If you aren't sure, an easy way to check this is to put a SIM card from a different operator into your device and see if it still works. If this works your device is not locked. If your device is locked you can get it unlocked by your current cellular provider. Please note: if you purchase a Europe plan on your Prepaid Data SIM the SIM will not work outside of Europe, even in an unlocked device.

What type of devices can the data SIM card be used with?

Please ensure that your device is unlocked and not tied to a network. There are no restrictions on what device it can be used in. The SIM works with all data devices and tablets - if inserted to a USB dongle or MiFi mobile hotspot device you can connect your laptop computer to receive data.

Should data roaming be turned on or off?

Data Roaming should be 'On' if the Prepaid data SIM is in your device. If the Prepaid data SIM is being used in an external device, i.e., a Mi-Fi, Data Roaming should be Off on your device.

Can I use the data SIM for calls and SMS?

No this SIM card is only enabled for data. You can however make data calls using apps such as Skype and FaceTime.

Do I need to change any settings?

Yes, you must change your APN name to fast.m2m and leave the username and password blank. The settings are likely to be in the Cellular Data section of your device.

Can I buy Micro or Nano sized SIM cards?

The Cellhire Prepaid data SIM is a three part SIM which means that it can be punched out of the card holder to meet any size requirement - Standard, Micro or Nano.

Does the SIM card expire?

The SIM card will only expire if it is not used for a one year period. Your data bundles will expire 30 days from activation.

Does the data bundle expire?

Yes, the data bundle is valid for 30/60/90 days after first use, depending on which size bundle purchased.

Can I top-up?

No, the SIM cards are one time use, throw away. Top up is not possible.

Can I change my bundle?

No, the bundle is fixed.

I want to change my Zone before my bundle has been used up/expires. What can I do?

Unfortunately this is not possible, however, get in touch and we can recommend a suitable product for your trip.