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European Data SIM

European Data SIM
  • Prepaid “throw away” data SIM - Preloaded with 4GB, 6GB or 12GB of data.
  • Fast 4G data speeds in 30 European countries.
  • Tethering is allowed. Share your connection with multiple devices. Works in any unlocked device.
  • Self-activated SIM with no registration and no overage charges. Lasts for up to 30 days from first use.

What do I get from a European Data SIM?

Looking for reliable Internet in Italy? Use data just like you would at home, avoid expensive roaming charges and "bill shock" by using the Italy Data SIM card.

Email, browse the web, message and call using apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, FaceTime, iMessage and Skype, plus find your way with Google Maps.


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How it works.

1. Choose bundle.

Our flexible bundles; perfect for heavy or light data users.

  • 4GB - Use Google Maps, social media and access your trip information.
  • 8GB - Stream music, videos and YouTube. Navigate around with ease.
  • 12GB - All of this and more!

2. Select a MiFi (if required).

Make your SIM work on more devices, like your very own WiFi connection.

3. Place your order.

We ship across the whole of the US and Canada.

Finally... Stay connected while traveling!

Don't just take our word for it.

Here's what people like you have been saying about our SIM cards.

C. Hernandez

Reliable!. I've used Cellhire before so I decided to use them again. Very easy to use. Just insert the SIM into your unlocked phone and follow the instructions. Used this one in Italy; but I've used Cellhire in the past in Spain and Germany. Get as much days as you can, as you tend to use a lot when on vacation.


Best money we've spent. This works flawlessly for 10 days while we were in Ireland. Thanks to this, we had our phones' GPS and never got lost!

Amazon Customer

Worked Great in Italy and France. Just make sure to follow simple instructions on the package to activate. It did take a few minutes to find network but once it did, worked great.

Ashley Garcia

A must have for a trip to Europe!. This SIM card was great to have for my recent trip to Italy. I was able to navigate to and from my hotel to restaurants and local attractions using the GPS and a couple of travel apps on my iPhone. I plugged it into my iPhone and as soon as I arrived in Italy, it worked! I set the APN as described in the instructions. As a note, it is important to have the SIM in the phone in order to have the APN options available on the iPhone. Also, I made sure that roaming was on and that the data settings were set to 3G. I was able to get 4G service throughout Italy and 4GB of data was plenty for my 10 day trip. 4 GB should be enough for a couple of weeks abroad if you are primarily using it for GPS and web browsing. Be careful with streaming video that might put you over the 4G provided. For the price, speed and security provided by this SIM it was a great value for me. I will be purchasing again.

Mike W.

Worked great in Spain in Sept 2018 trip abroad!!!. I just returned from 2 wk vacay in Spain. I bought a new Samsung galaxy J3 Pro 2 days before going to Spain (btw - it's a dual sim card phone and worked very well...for $133 Amazon). I popped the Cellhire (data plan) sim card into the phone at the Madrid airport. I followed the included instructions and set the APN to what they say (generally quite easy to do on Android phones) and the phone took about 3-5 minutes to find the carrier it wanted. I then went got on train and traveled 5 hrs north (great reception during train ride, except in tunnels in mountains in northern Spain). Spain has several cell carriers (Movistar, Vodafone, Orange, Yoigo, and 2-3 others). It appears this data sim card (Cellhire company, that is) has contracts with different companies, maybe even within the same country. My phone showed "Vodafone" about 95% of time or more, but one day, upon wakening, it said "Yoigo" -- another competitor. I stayed hooked up to my buddies WiFi in his house, so as to save the data on the card, for when I was out and about in public, etc. As for download speed, I downloaded the Speed Test app and checked speed while in Madrid airport. In one area, I got up to 55 mbps download, which is outstanding, but then I moved to another area of the airport, only about 3-4 blocks away (walking within terminal) and ran the test again -- that time it came to about 9 mbps download...which is still very acceptable, but wow -- what a difference. I constantly checked the data usage, found in the Settings, on Android phones (at least on Samsung galaxy phones, that is) and kept a close eye. Very big tip -- download Apps whenever you get on free WiFI - reason is that you would not believe how much data it eats up to download apps. I noticed after downloading 5-6 new apps and saw it took almost 300-350 of mb off my 4GB balance on the card. However, WhatsApp is big all over Europe and in tons of other countries nowadays, and it uses very little data to send and receive text messages (calls on What'sApp would eat up much more data, or face-timing each other on that app, would eat up data too). Overall, I'd definitely buy this Sim card again - if just wanting a Data plan, and not calls or phone text. Would give A+++ (I can't speak for other country experiences....just Spain Sept 2018). Good luck in your travels!!


Pretty good for the money. Used this sim in Amsterdam. Inserted the sim in my iPhone and it worked right away. Had a decent 4G speeds. 4gb is more than enough if you are not watching videos.

Robert B. Green

Don’t leave home without it.. Slight network problem getting connected in Paris, a quick call to support revealed a Cellhire problem in Europe. The problem was resolved in two hours and then everything was fine. One correction Cellhire should make I’d this card works great in Switzerland. So I’m a fan and have used in Italy, Switzerland, France and Germany and it’s great. Don’t pay Verizon their ridiculous rate. Buy two, one for you and one for your partner. Text, Internet and call home with FaceTime audio.


Good for Travel. Recently used this for a trip to Europe. I have a OnePlus phone and I use Cricket as my service provider. Since the OnePlus phone has dual SIM capability, I loaded it in as my second SIM card. When I arrived in Europe, it did not work. I did follow the instructions on how to use it to a tee, but it just wouldn't work. Finally my friend had the idea to flip the SIM cards around so that the Cellhire one would be in the first, default spot and my Cricket SIM was second and voila!; that worked. So unfortunately it wasn't easy to get set up and working, but in the end, it provided me with almost nonstop internet connection and that I was very thankful for.


Worked in Germany, Amsterdam, and Czech Republic. It worked as expected. I noticed that when the phone was turned off and back on, once I had to reconfigure it. Also, it acted sketchy when moving between countries, but it would always work after rechecking and changing the settings if necessary. I had plenty of data for 7.5 days.


Works in France (paris) Germany and Iceland. This card is a must have if you are traveling to Europe. the 4GB was way more than i needed to get around. In some places the connection was spotty but overall between that and wifi i was able to do most all app communications. Connection was a little slow so if you are sharing photos and video don't expect it to be like your normal connection in the USA. I used skype for calls and it worked out fine. (text messaging wont work with this card).


Worked perfectly. Worked perfectly. Would buy again without hesitation

Amazon Customer

Easy to install and it works.. Used it in android phone for 10-day tour of Ireland. Worked very well. Surprisingly good coverage in the southwest counties.

The perfect data solution for Europe!

Make your trip unforgettable, share your memories with your friends and family.