Europe SIM Cards.

Get your European data SIM now! Travel across Europe with a European Smartphone or European SIM Card. Stay connected with fast data bundles, low-cost calls & texts throughout Europe.


European Data SIM

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European SIM Card

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European Smartphone

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About Europe

As one of the most visited regions in the world, tourists travel from far and wide to experience first-hand Europe’s amazing countries. Whether you’re interested in the history of the Roman Colosseum, the rivers of Amsterdam or if you want to walk the streets of Prague, Europe can cater for any traveler. With amazing cities including London, Paris, Berlin and Barcelona; Europe, and its natives, exhibit colourful and exciting backstories. Never standing still, and with almost 200 different languages spoken, no experience will ever be the same – and don’t get us started on the food!

Those hesitant towards heading to Europe are those probably worried about incurring mobile costs and having limited network coverage. This can be make or break in enjoying your trip as limited phone usage can ruin any holiday-goers dream vacay. However, with Cellhire, you can get the best prepaid data options available to ensure your trip is the very best it can be!

Why pick prepaid SIMs for Europe?

Buying a prepaid solution before travelling can not only give you access to super-fast internet and low-cost calls and texts in Europe, but can also allow travelers peace of mind while abroad. Cellhire has options to cater for all; if you’re looking to take your own device, pick the European Data SIM, which comes with either 4GB, 6GB or 12GB of data, providing fast 4G data in 30 European countries that lasts for 30 days! Alternatively, the European SIM might be best for you. It comes with every option the European Data SIM does as well as FREE incoming calls in Europe and coverage in over 200 countries! If you’re concerned about taking your own device out of fear of theft or loss, the European Smartphone is the perfect option; get calls, texts and data with a UK number, with no messy top ups, as well as a cell phone that’s yours to keep!