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The Americas SIM Cards.

Get your data SIM now! Travel across The Americas with an International Smartphone or International SIM Card. Stay connected with fast data bundles, low-cost calls & texts throughout The Americas.


International SIM Card

Perfect for unlocked smartphones. Call, text & data bundles. No contract, no ongoing fees.

From only $29.99


International Smartphone

Need an unlocked smartphone? Call, text & data bundles. Yours to keep, no ongoing fees.

From only $179.00

About The Americas

Quite simply, The Americas has everything, and all the best bits in between. Whether you’re wanting sun, rain, glaciers, beaches, rivers, history, sights or more, you can find everything in The Americas. If known for nothing else, North America is home to historic landmarks such as the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, The White House, and that’s just New York alone! With places like L.A, Florida and Las Vegas to choose from as well, why not start your trip there.

Hop across to South America and the continent becomes tropical; but that doesn’t take anything away from its colourful food, clothes, views and people. From the modernized Rio je Janeiro and the sandy beaches of the Caribbean to the Angel Falls in Venezuela and the Amazon River itself, travelers from far and wide will love nothing more than the locations in South America.

Filled with historic landscapes such as Easter Island and the diverse culture in Machu Picchu, South America should definitely be on your bucket list. Tick it off yours today and share your experiences with an essential SIM or Smartphone!

Why pick prepaid SIMs for The Americas?

Buying a prepaid solution before traveing can not only give you access to super-fast internet and low-cost calls and texts in Asia, but can also allow travelers peace of mind while abroad. Cellhire has options to cater for all; if you’re looking to take your own device, pick from the International SIM card, which gives you low cost calls, fast 4G data and texts worldwide as well as FREE incoming calls in over 135 countries! Compatible with all unlocked devices, the SIM is a throw-away and lasts up to 30 days. Alternatively, if you’d prefer to leave your phone at home for safe-keeping, grab yourself the International Smartphone. Get calls, texts and data with a UK number, no messy top ups and you get to keep the phone!