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European Data SIM Card


European Data SIM Card

New Lower Prices for 2018

Never worry about expensive global data roaming bills, high overage charges or “bill shock” again with data from only 1.9c per MB - no overage. The European data SIM card is now available for all of your devices for a flat fee in bundles of 100MB up to 5GB.

Our European MiFi is great for sharing one Internet connection between up to 10 WiFi enabled devices. This European data device offers complete freedom to browse the Internet, post photos and check your email, wherever you are in the world with easy online recharge. How does it work? - Watch our video.


  • No Overage - no additional charges
  • Fast data roaming speeds, worldwide.
  • Lowest data increments of just 1KB - only pay for exactly what you use.
  • Monitor live data usage online from your account.
  • Data bundles expire after 30 days - Easy online top-up.
  • MiFi can share one connection with up to 10 people.
  • MiFi includes FREE European charger & US Adaptor.
  • MiFi is ideal for locked smartphones - works over WiFi.
  • Available as SIM only for iPad, smartphones etc.

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How much data will I need?

See how you can use our Prepaid European MiFi...

Connect iPads & smartphones to the internet worldwide

Prepaid Data

Q. How does it work?

Q. What is a data increment?

Q. Do I need to register or to activate my prepaid data SIM?

Q. Device unlocking

Q. What type of devices can the data SIM card be used with ?

Q. Should data roaming be turned on or off ?

Q. Can I use the data SIM for calls and SMS ?

Q. Do I need to change any settings?

Q. Can I buy Micro or Nano sized SIM cards?

Q. Can I use the SIM in a BlackBerry?

Q. Does the SIM card expire?

Q. Does the data bundle expire?

Q. How do I top up?

Q. How do I check my usage?

Q. Can I change my bundle?

Q. I want to change my Zone before my bundle has been used up/expires. What can I do?

How does it work?

We provide you with a SIM card which works in any unlocked data only device around the world to access the Internet. Simply top it up here on the portal with a prepaid data bundle of your choosing, then select the zone you will use it in and the size of the bundle you require. This bundle will last for 30 days, and then you are free to top it up again as many times as you wish.

What is a data increment?

A data increment describes how much your data usage is "rounded up" every time you use your data SIM. The Cellhire Prepaid Data SIM rounds in tiny 1KB sessions – which means almost no rounding at all. Other products can apply rounding increments as large as 1MB – which is over 1000 times bigger. With a 1MB increment, downloading a single 10KB email would take 1MB from your data balance.

Do I need to register or to activate my prepaid SIM?

No registration or activation is required with this SIM. Just purchase a data bundle of your choice on this portal, and then insert the SIM into your device to start using the Internet.

Device unlocking

Please check that your device is not locked to your current provider. If you aren't sure if it is then the simplest way to check this is to put a SIM card from a different operator into your device and see if it still works. If this works your device is not locked. If your device is locked you can get it unlocked by your network provider.

What type of devices can the data SIM card be used with?

Please ensure that your device is unlocked and not tied to a network. There are no restrictions on what device it can be used in. The SIM works with all data devices and tablets - if inserted to a USB dongle or MiFi mobile hotspot device you can connect your laptop computer to receive data.

Should data roaming be turned on or off?

Data roaming must be turned on in the device that is being used with the Cellhire SIM. If you are going to connect to the device with your smartphone, laptop or tablet, then turn data roaming off on these devices so they connect to the external MIFI or USB device containing the Cellhire SIM and do not connect to the roaming network.

Can I use the data SIM for calls and SMS?

No this SIM card is only enabled for data

Do I need to change any settings?

In most countries no APN (Access Point Name) settings are required for this SIM, however if you have any issues connecting to the Internet then try changing the APN name to "fast.m2m” and leave the username and password blank. The settings are likely to be in the Cellular Data section of your device.

Can I buy Micro or Nano sized SIM cards?

Yes the data SIM is available in any size to fit all devices. Please read your operator's manual if you are unsure which size you need.

Can I use the SIM in a BlackBerry?

Everything will work as normal, except for using BIS which is not currently supported. There is a workaround however - we would recommend that you use a MiFi to tether the signal to your BlackBerry as you will then have full functionality.

Does the SIM card expire?

The SIM card will only expire if it is not used for a one year period.

Does the data bundle expire?

Yes, the data bundle is valid for 30 days from when you receive your SIM card. If you run out of data or the bundle expires, you can top-up through My Account or by going directly to

How do I top-up?

You can top up by visiting This is also accessible from the My Account section of this site.

How do I check my usage?

Live usage information is available in our top-up site which you can also access through My Account. You will first need to create a prepaid data account on this site but once you have done so, you will also be able to set up usage alerts.

Can I change my bundle?

If your bundle has expired or all of the data allowance has been used up, you are free to buy any new bundle for any zone. If you wish to change your bundle mid-term, please see the below question.

I want to change my Zone before my bundle has been used up/expires. What can I do?

You will be able to upgrade the remaining data allowance in your bundle to be usable in the new zone. The top up portal will make it clear how much data you have left and how much this will cost, and you can pay by any of the approved payment methods.

john henry
So easy, worked as advertised, will absolutely recommend to a friend!!!!!
Teresita De Fabrega
It has very good coverage throughout european countries and it transfers from one internet provider to another as needed without you even noticing
Wayne Flippen
Had some trouble getting started. Technical support was helpful. Once started it worked great as a driving and walking GPS and allowed us access to area information as we travelled in Spain and Germany.
Datacard worked really well and very reliable, we used it in Paris and Zurich.

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