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Korea cell phone rental

Now you can travel across Korea and save on international roaming calls throughout the duration of your trip. Rent a South Korean cell phone and stay connected while in Seoul, Busan, Suwon and many other major cities or towns. Includes Korean handset (English character display) with a local number and free incoming calls while in South Korea.
  • GSM phone, with great coverage in Korea
  • Free incoming calls
  • Calls back to the US only $0.99 /min
  • Fully tested with 24 Hour Global Support
  • Delivered to your door in the US
  • Get your number before you travel
  • Accessory pack included
  • Just pay for what you use
  • Phone arrives charged and ready to go
  • Only $2.99 /day
Korea cell phone rental

Rental Charges

daily rental :
$2.99 per day

Call Rates

incoming calls :
national calls *:
$0.49 per minute
calls to US :
$0.99 per minute
* A national call is any outgoing call while in Korea to a local South Korean phone number.
Higher roaming charges will apply to calls made from outside of this country.

Optional extras

With Follow Me Number Divert

Want to take your US number with you?
Just add $0.49 per minute to incoming call charges
click here for more information

Note: If you select this additional service, text messages sent to your US number will not be forwarded to your rented international SIM card.

See what you can save with Cellhire ...

  Cellhire Major carriers* % Saving
incoming calls FREE $2.32 100%
national calls $0.49 $2.32 79%
calls to US $0.99 $2.32 57%
Refer to 'Call Rates' for a complete list of charges
* Comparison based on more ...

Why rent from Cellhire?

  • Convenient - No need to constantly top-up – just pay for what you use.
  • Reassurance - Cell phones fully tested and guaranteed to work.
  • No Fuss - Rent a cell phone. Don’t struggle trying to set your own up for roaming.
  • Low Cost - Best call rates to the US – prepaid SIMs are often expensive.
  • Peace of Mind - Hassle-free replacement should anything go wrong.
  • Ready to Roll - Travel phones come fully charged with SIMs installed all ready for use.
  • Backup - 24 hour support from eight global offices from Dallas to Tokyo.
  • Hassle Free - Cellhire cell phones and SIM cards just work, so you can enjoy your trip.
  • Spread the cost - Only pay for your calls when you return, not before you leave.