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Best International Cell Phones, SIM Cards and Data

If you are traveling internationally and you need to stay in touch cheaply or get online cost effectively, choose one of our products below. Our International cell phones and SIM cards are provided on the Vodafone network which provides the best coverage and call rates when traveling worldwide.

Buy your SIM or travel phone today and there are no more monthly fees. Just pay for the calls you make and nothing more. No contracts, no returns, no hidden fees, no fuss.

Works in 190+ countries, includes US & Canada, VGA camera, MP3 Player.
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Works in 190+ countries, includes US & Canada, Easy-to-use handset with camera and Bluetooth.
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Perfect for those wanting to use their own unlocked phone. Works in over 190 countries.
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International Prepaid Data

International Data SIM Card

Get data worldwide without the worry of “bill shock” with an international data SIM from only $0.03 per MB and no overage charges. The international data SIM card works in 95 countries worldwide, letting you connect all your devices as you travel, with bundles from 100MB to 5GB.

From only $ 19.00
Call Rates
Calling From
International MiFi

Wirelessly connect Computers, Tablets and Smartphones to the Internet while traveling abroad.

Choose from a variety of International Data Bundles.

If you prefer, you can rent SIMs, Phones and Mobile Data Hotspots.