How do I get started?

Cellhire Education Program is tailored for students traveling abroad.
It couldn't be easier... select your destination and off you go! Stay social, stay mobile with Cellhire!

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Stay social with Cellhire

Take a BlackBerry too...

  • Use your BlackBerry the way
    you want, when you want
    with unlimited web and email.
  • Chat with friends anywhere,
    anytime with BB Messenger.

Stay mobile with Cellhire

  • Low rental & shipping
    included for students.
  • Save $'s with discounted
    call rates.
  • Local SIM card with FREE
    incoming calls.

Traveling across borders?

  • Take a cross border SIM, perfect
    for visiting different countries.
  • Upgrade to a cross border SIM
    for competitive European rates.
  • Only $10.00 for a 20 week

Attention all Twitter followers!

  • Unlimited tweets with Cellhire's
    BlackBerry rental.
  • Can't wait to tweet? Download the
    Twitter Application & start tweeting!

Which are you?

Stay Social

  • Unlimited internet with BB Messenger, Facebook and Twitter

Stay Mobile

  • Local cell phone, Free incoming calls and shipping included